FarmhotelBed and Breakfast the Lentemaheerd in North Groningen consists of seven hotelrooms at a place where horses and cows used to be. Every hotelroom has its own interior design and unique atmosphere. Each hotelroom contains a bathroom and toilet with pleasant floorheating. The B&B won the price of best VeKaBo B&B of 2015.
CampingsiteCamping at Lentemaheerd is a present. The camping site offers you soft green grass, various fruit- and nut trees and surrounding bushes provide some shelter. The camping site has free WiFi and showers with floorheating. And if the weather is disappointing, a cosy bungalow functions as a good shelter.
GroupsSomething to celebrate? Or just want to escape from everyday life with family and friends? Hire the entire Farm Hotel to have it all for yourself. The Farm Hotel has 17 beds, divided over seven nice and comfortable rooms. Next to that you have all day access to the cosy living room.

Groningen tourist informationYou will be amazed by the greenery and many picturesque villages in Groningen. Have you ever stood on a dike? On one side you will find the meadows with beautiful gardens, old churches and nice castles. On the other side the Waddensee is situated. On the horizon you can see the nice German Island Borkum.
CircusvanThe Circusvan guarantees a special stay. The little balcony of the Circusvan overlooks the green camping sight and magnificent meadows. The cosy, comfortable Circusvan is fully equipped and can be booked for several nights so that you are able to discover the beautiful landscape of Groningen.

Camping site Lentemaheerd

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